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Janez Žibert

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Trzaska 25
1000, Ljubljana

tel: +386 1 4768 839
fax: +386 1 4768 316


url: http://luks.fe.uni-lj.si/~janezz


I am employed as a researcher at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. My research work is concentrated on automatic speech recognition in particular speech signal processing and analysis.


2002 - 2006

PhD. in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana.
The thesis addresses the problem of structuring the audio data in terms of speakers and acoustic conditions for further processing in speech and speaker recognition systems. The tasks of organizing the audio data in a such way
are known as speaker-diarization tasks.

1998 - 2001 M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. I completed interdisciplinary study of electrical engineering and mathematics and studied following subjects: Pattern Recognition, Signal Analysis, Chaos Theory, Cryptography.

1993 - 1998

B.Sc. in mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana.
I studied applied mathematics with emphasis on optimization problems, numerical methods and analysis.

1989 - 1993

Gymnasium in Postojna
I got Zois scholarship due to excellent results in school and various activities from different areas: research in chemistry, competitions in mathematics, logic, computer science and mother language.

Work Experience

1998 - present I am working as a researcher in Laboratory of Artificial Perception, Systems and Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana.
I have taken active part in several scientific projects concerning automatic speech recognition and understanding accomplished in our laboratory.

1997 - 1998

I was employed as an assistant - demonstrator for subjects Computer Science I and II at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics during last year of study of mathematics. I also got a part-time job as a programmer at AMES company in the Ljubljana Technology park.


Research fields

My research interests center around automatic speech recognition and understanding, including several scientific domains such as computational phonetics, digital signal processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. As a graduated mathematician I successfully applied comprehensive knowledge of mathematics into various scientific problems in my research domain. I have written several scientific articles from speech recognition of Slovene language and speech signal processing.

Key Skills

Good team worker; creative; flexible; good time management and work discipline; persistence.

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