Annotated Web Ears (AWE) dataset available

The Annotated Web Ears (AWE) dataset is now available for download from the Resources page.

Annotated Web Ears (AWE) is a dataset of ear images gathered from the web and in the current form contains 1000 ear images of 100 distinct subjects. The dataset was collected for the goal of studying unconstrained ear recognition and is made publicly available to the community (for research purposes only). All images of the AWE dataset were labeled according to yaw, roll and pitch angles, ear occlusion, presence of accesories, ethnicity, gender and identity.

The dataset comes with a Matlab toolbox dedicated to research in ear recognition. The AWE toolbox implements several state-of-the-art ear recognition techniques and allows for rapid experimentation with the AWE dataset as well as other avialable datasets.

Some sample images from our dataset are shown below.