Aktivni projekti

Raziskovalni program: Metrologija in biometrični sistemi, P2-0250 (C)

V okviru raziskovalnega progama sodelujoči raziskovalci z dveh univerz in enega razvojnega tehnološkega podjetja izvajajo temeljne in aplikativne raziskave izbranih vsebin na področjih, ki vključujejo probleme merjenja na eni strani ter na drugi strani probleme analize in modeliranja iz merilnih in senzorskih podatkov. Posebej se posvečamo problemom magnetnih merjenj, okoljskih in biometričnih merjenj in modeliranja ter akustičnega modeliranja govora.

Trajanje: 2013-2017

Projekt z razpisa “Spodbujanje zaposlovanja mladih doktorjev znanosti”

Cilj projekta je razviti nove postopke za procesiranje biometričnih podatkov.

Trajanje: 2015-2017

COST Akcija IC 1206: De-Identification for Privacy Protection in Multimedia Content

Povzetek v angleščini: De-identification in multimedia content can be defined as the process of concealing the identities of individuals captured in a given set of data (images, video, audio, text), for the purpose of protecting their privacy. This will provide an effective means for supporting the EU’s Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC), which is concerned with the introduction of appropriate measures for the protection of personal data. The fact that a person can be identified by such features as face, voice, silhouette and gait, indicates the de-identification process as an interdisciplinary challenge, involving such scientific areas as image processing, speech analysis, video tracking and biometrics. This Action aims to facilitate coordinated interdisciplinary efforts (related to scientific, legal, ethical and societal aspects) in the introduction of person de-identification and reversible de-identification in multimedia content by networking relevant European experts and organisations.

Trajanje: 2013-2017

COST Akcija IC 1307: The European Network on Integrating Vision and Language (iV&L Net): Combining Computer Vision and Language Processing For Advanced Search, Retrieval, Annotation and Description of Visual Data

Povzetek v angleščini: The European Network on Integrating Vision and Language (iV&L Net): Combining Computer Vision and Language Processing For Advanced Search, Retrieval, Annotation and Description of Visual Data, COST Action IC1307, is designed to bring together two previously unconnected research communities, Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is set up to allow researchers to meet, exchange ideas, expertise and technology, and form new partnerships.

Building on the successful EPSRC Network on Vision and Language (V&L Net), the aim of the COST Action is to create a lasting interdisciplinary research community situated at the nexus between language processing and computer vision. This is hugely important because of the explosive growth of visual and textual data (both on the World Wide Web and held in private repositories by diverse institutions and companies).

Trajanje: 2014-2018

Zaključeni projekti (izbrani, nedavni)

EU FP 7 CP RESPECT: Rules, Expectations & Security through Privacy-Enhanced Convenient Technologies

Povzetek v angleščini: RESPECT seeks to investigate if the current and foreseeable implementation of ICTs in surveillance is indeed “in balance” and, where a lack of balance may exist or is perceived by citizens not to exist, the project explores options for redressing the balance through a combination of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and operational approaches. Investigating at least five key sectors not yet tackled by other recent projects researching surveillance (CCTV, database mining and interconnection, on-line social network analysis, RFID& geo-location/sensor devices, financial tracking), RESPECT will also carry out quantitative and qualitative research on citizens’ awareness and attitudes to surveillance. RESPECT will produce tools that would enable policy makers to understand the socio-cultural as well as the operational and economic impact of surveillance systems. The project will also produce operational guidelines incorporating privacy by design approaches which would enable law enforcement agencies to deploy surveillance systems with lowest privacy risk possible and maximum security gain to citizens.

Trajanje: 2012-2015

EU FP7 CP SMART: Scalable Measures for Automated Recognition Technologies

Povzetek v angleščini: The SMART project addresses the questions of automated decision taking with respect to the “smart surveillance” technologies in a society where privacy and data protection are fundamental rights. The risks and opportunities inherent to the use of smart surveillance will be evaluated and a number of technical, procedural and legal options for safeguards will be developed. SMART aims to create a toolkit which would inform system designers, policy makers and legislative bodies across Europe and beyond.

Trajanje: 2011-2014

COST Action IC 1106: Integrating Biometrics and Forensics for the Digital Age

Povzetek v angleščini: “Forensics is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to a legal system. This may be in relation to a crime or a civil action” [Wikipedia]. Since many such questions boil down to identifying, or verifying the identity, of people allegedly involved in some action, a clear relationship exists between forensics and biometrics. Biometrics developed a number of techniques which can clearly facilitate the identification of people involved in criminal actions or civil incidents. Thus, although the two communities have traditionally often operated in relative isolation, there are many scenarios where the synergic cooperation of multimodal biometrics and forensics can be successfully applied. To address such multifaceted areas it is important to develop an interdisciplinary network with complementary competences, to foster the birth of a new community which can develop novel technological solutions to crucial issues and new challenges in forensic science.

The Action promoted new partnerships, provided education and training, contributed to develop new standards and best practices, produced awareness of the potential benefits of advanced technologies for evidence analysis in forensic cases and stimulated improved mutual understanding of collaborative working models linking the academic and industrial sectors.

Trajanje: 2012-2016

EU Social fund and MIZS post-doctoral Project: 3D Face Recognition in Real World Settings (3D-For-Real)

Kljub številnim raziskavam in dosegljivi literaturi na temo razpoznavanja 3D slik obrazov, ostaja razvoj in implementacija robustnega sistema za razpoznavanje obrazov v nenadzorovanih razmerah zajema 3D slik specifičen problem, ki zahteva rešitev vrste težav. Cilj raziskovalnega projekta je zato predlagati sistem za razpoznavanje 3D slik obrazov, ki bo omogočal zanesljivo razpoznavanje obrazov tudi v najzahtevnejših okoljih, to je v prisotnosti večjega števila motečih dejavnikov, ki so lahko navzoči pri zajemu 3D slik in vplivajo na izgled obrazov na 3D slikah. Osredotočili se bomo na razvoj postopkov za učinkovito reševanje problemov, ki nastanejo ob prisotnosti motečih dejavnikov. Posebno pozornost bomo namenili reševanju problemov robustnega razpoznavanja obrazov pri interakciji dejavnikov kot so zorni kot oz. orientacija obrazov, delna prekrivanja obraznega področja, izrazne spremembe in oddaljenost obrazov od senzorja.

Trajanje: 2014-2015

Drugi projekti

  • Podoktroski projekt BAMBI: Biometric face recognition in ambient intelligence environments, 2011-2013
  • EU FP7 HIDE: Homeland Security, Biomtric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics, 2008-2010
  • Nacionalni projekt AvID: AviD: AvdioVizualna Identifikacija in ugotavljanje verodostojnosti govorca za zagotavljanje varne komunikacije, 2007-2009
  • Nacionalni projekt LiCS – Lightweight cryptographic services for security, privacy and trust management, 2007-2009
  • Nacionalni projekt VoiceTran II – Portable multi-lingual speech communicator for the soldier of the 21st century,  2006-2008
  • Bilateralna sodelovanja s Hrvaško, Kitajsko, Bolgarijo, …
  • COST Akcije 275, 278