Here you can find information related to the research activities of LUKS. Follow the links for deatiled information on each category.


Here you can find a list of recent publications of the members of our lab. To ensure timely dissemination of our research work we provide preprints (PDFs) of most of our publications together with corresponding BibTex files.



Visit our publications site for more information.


Here you can find popular resources that were created during our research work. The resources include downloadable sofware, such as Matlab code for face recognition (the INface toolbox, the PhD face recognition toolbox), various demonstrations, manuals and other usefull stuff. Note that a quite a lot of our software is also available from other repositories, but you should definetly look at our website if you want the most up-to-date version.

Visit our resource site for more information.


Here you can find information on the most recent project of our lab. You can read about project that are currently being conducted in our lab and look at a list of past project we have worked on.


Visit our projects page for more information.