This is the homepage of the postdoctoral project BAMBI - Biometric face recognition in ambient intelligence environments. The web site is intended for anyone who is interested in the project itself, the research and development problems related to the topic of the project and the results of the postdoctoral project. Here, you will find news, status updates, a list of publications and useful resources that are either related to the project or have been created in the scope of the project.



The BAMBI project (ARRS ID Z2-4214) and all results related to it were made possible by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) and Alpineon Ltd., who funded the project. Many thanks.


- 26.7.2013: added some videos of the funcitonlity of the prototype

- 28.62013: added deliverable D4.1 (report)

- 27.6.2013: added deliverable D4.2

- 20.6.2013: up-dated publication list

- 26.2.2013: added second annual report to deliverables

- 21.2.2013: up-dated deliverables page
- 21.2.2013: up-dated resource page
- 21.2.2013: added videos of software modules in action

- 18.2.2013: updated some deliverables

- 17.1.2013: added deliverables (password protected)

- 10.1.2013: publication list up-dated

- 31.7.2012: publication list up-dated

- 10.7.2012: publication list up-dated
- 10.7.2012: resource page up-dated

- 27.10.2011: web page is online


by Vitomir Štruc